Speech Contest Google View

Gogleview is organizing a Speech Contest for Kids below 15 years of age. The Video must be created/presented by the candidate and must be on the Subject "True Leader".


Candidate is expected to elaborate on who a true leader is, what one can expect from a true leader or what you can do to be a True Leader or whom you consider a True Leader and why.

To participate

  1. Create a 4-5 minute Speech Video using your mobile camera or any camera
  2. Go to Gogleview and Register yourself as a user.
  3. Upload your video
  4. Title of the Video must be "Candidate Name - Place Name"
  5. After uploading the video, Go to the Contact Us Page, use the form to email us your Video Title and Contact Information so that we can get back to you.

Once the videos are posted our Internal panel will review the videos and select a winner based on the performance and the number of views received for the candidates videos. The Number of views will also be a factor when choosing a winner, but will not be the only thing which will be considered, so try to share your videos and generate maximum views. 80% of the points will go for the performance.

The Speech can be in English or malayalam. but must be 5 minutes in length.

Eligibity: Must be below 15 years old, Must be a resident in Kerala.

The Best Performer will get a 2000 INR Cash prize.

The Contest will end on Sep 18 2020. The Results will be announced on Sep 30 2020.

For any doubts please contact us via the contact page

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